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"iron man" gets two thumbs up!

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on May 19, 2008

hubby is on vacation again this week…so off went the newt to daycare while his parents went and saw “iron man”. drew was with us, of course, and made all kinds of noise, of course. i had to hold him the last hour of the movie cause he was noisy. not crying, just making a growning sort of noise (similiar to the sound he is making now) i only missed like 2 mins of the movie, so i was happy! great special effects, great plot, somewhat predictable (i mean he is a comic book hero, so no worries about his sudden demise) and oh, boy…does robert downey jr look goooood!!

anyway…we look forward to seeing “indiana jones” on thurs or fri…when the child’s away, the parents will play!!! i read in mag article that harrison ford still fit into his old costume, and that he was very please with himself!

hubby has a whole laundry list of things to do, but of course only 1 or 2 will get done…what with daily naps and lots of emails to send out (chief duty calls), i am happy if my curtain rod gets hung…anything else is bonus.

i am coming up with ideas for summer time fun for the littles…hubby and i talked about swimming lessons for 3 yr old and soccer/t-ball/football as well, courtesy of the YMCA. ( i applied for thier financial aid which would allow us to join for less…waiting impatiently to hear back cause they have a rockin’ water park included in the membership!) also while at the movies today, i found out they have a movie club for the summer….10 movies for 5 bucks…i think we will try it out…if newt pays no attention and runs around like a crazy, then i am only out 5 bucks…it’s worth the gamble. i am planning on park time, but we will have to do that early, as it gets really hot really fast in the south. we have a 10ft long blow up pool in the back yard…that will give us hours of entertainment. the blow up pool i REALLY want is this one


or this one

don’t those look like fun!!!!!

gotta win the lotto first!!!! or wait till end of summer clearance? or ebay…i dunno….hubby of course thinks i am crazy…he just rolled his eyes when i showed him the commercial! i don’t even know if either of these pools would fit in my small backyard, but i can dream, can’t i????

other than parks, pools, movies and the y…i don’t know what else we will do. it sounds like alot, but i already know there will be those days of winning and complaining that there is nothing to do and that i am sooo bored. i’m sure newt will get tired of it before long….(get it? i’m the one winning, not the 3 yr old…i’m trying to be funny, hahahahhaa)….

hubby is already being head-hunted for jobs, apparently his field is extremely hot right now and there are not enough people to fill all the positions. already getting an idea of how much he could make his first year in practice…it’s very exciting to say the least (hey, maybe i can afford that blow up slide/pool after all!!, i just gotta wait another year, hahahaha)



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when did we lose it?

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on May 19, 2008

our God-given friendliness? most of us were very friendly as kids…we were sweet and open and happy to meet people. we were happy with whatever toy we got for our birthday party. we loved our friends, and were sad to see them go home…even if we only met them 45 mins ago. my sweet 3 yr old son is this way. we were at the grocery store a few days ago and he told the sacker “i got undies on” to wich to looked at me and i translated “he has big boy underwear on” her look back was tragic, she could care less. now, i know she was probably only 20, and had no kids, but…why couldn’t she fake it for my little sweetie? why couldn’t she say, “oh wow!” and smile? that would have made his day! he loves it when people talk to him or pay him any kind of attention. he will say hi to anyone in his vicinity…when was the last time you said “hi” to a stranger? sadly, only 50% (or less) return his “hi” with one of their own.

how hard is it to say “hi” to a three year old boy with a huge smile on his face? apparently, it’s very hard.

another story…again, in the grocery store. we were shopping and went down the tea/coffee isle. my sweetie says “hi” to the store worker, a lady of say 30 ish, and she says “hi” back. big smile from my boy, he continues to talk to her…”i have a jacket on” she, at this point has turned her back and is no longer paying attention. we are the only ones on the isle and it is mon morning, and very quiet, so i KNOW she can hear us…she keeps her back to us as my sweet son keeps saying his line. i, of course, talk to him about his jacket, and what color it is and such…

i know he doesn’t know the difference, but why couldn’t this lady have given him another moment or two of her time.

how many children have i ignored in the past? children who only wanted a smile and nothing else.

i want my son to always be outgoing and friendly and sweet and charming. i don’t want this world to crush his sweet spirit and teach him that it is easier to be aloof than it is to be friendly. my pastor says if you want to make friends, then show yourself friendly.

when was the last time you showed yourself friendly? when was the last time i did? hmmmm

be friendly today…if only to one person…you will be better for it

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