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Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on May 20, 2008

well, newt has fever…it started last night. i was sternly warned by hubby to NOT kiss either kid or let newt kiss roo AT ALL. he was kinda pissy when he said this so i said, somewhat pissy myself, ok, i get it! i know he is worried…if roo gets a fever, then it’s a hospital stay and a spinal tap and all kinds of fun stuff…so mommy has been very good..no kissing on lips. keeping newt away from roo hasn’t been to bad cause he just wants to lay on the couch and watch his new fav cartoon, krypto the superdog (betcha didn’t no superman had a dog, didja?) both boys are currently sleeping, although roo is making noise, as usual.

as for dinner, since i didn’t get to the store (i was also sternly warned no outside time either) i think we will have stir fried rice. i made some london broil the other day…even after a many hour marinade it wasn’t very tender…next time it goes in the oven ( i have never done a london broil before) the leftovers will be chopped up for some throw together fried rice. with groceries sky rocketting in cost, i am on a mission(should i chose to accept it) to eat cheaper, but i also want to eat very healthy too. my bill may go down or up depending on how i tackle this mission.
i think it will go up…way up!

i will be perusing sites focusing on healthy eating, not dieting or anything like that. i have never been a dieter in the sense. i tried them, like everyone else, when i was younger, but just don’t like following such a strict set of rules…1/2 a cup of this with 1/4 c of that and 1 tsp of oil and 45mins later i am starving and can’t eat again until dinner! so, what i will be doing to loose this baby weight is to just eat less and more often…ya know, the whole 6 small meals mantra. of course, i tell my hubby, we will still have our junk food days…who doesn’t go crazy at a pizza buffet every now and then, but at least we will stay on a healthy track for the most part.

so, my cheap and somewhat healthy meal for dinner is “free” cause i have all the stuff i need for fried rice, and pretty healthy cause you don’t need a lot of oil, just lots of salt…oh well, at least it isn’t chicken nuggets!

looking for help with meal plans? i recently found a blog that has tons of ideas every monday…

she and a whole bunch of others post their plans for the week…very cool cause she even links the recipe! yay! these may or may not be healthy, but they will be ispirational nonetheless.



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