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newt was sick all week :(

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on May 25, 2008

well, newt had fever for 4 days…and after two doctors visits, it was thought that he had exodative strep throat, there was “white junk” on his tonsils, and his ENT now thinks he is a candidate for a tonsilectomy. hubby says this would be the year to do it since we already met the deductable for the year with roo. that doesn’t make us feel any better, but at least it won’t put us in the hole anymore than we already are! we shall see what the dr says in a few weeks. dr.’s kids have the worst luck. his very first, and only ear infection, turned into mastioditis, which is where the spongy bone behind your ear gets infected, which turned into surgery….3 c.t. scans, 6 iv’s, and two surgeries later, it was gone! that was a hell of a thing to go thru at the age of 18 months, but he did great! the gift of daycare….it just keeps on giving! ( and taking)


One Response to “newt was sick all week :(”

  1. joz1234 said

    Oh, boy!! I hope he feels better soon! That boy will have no parts left–they keep getting surgically removed!

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