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roo is 6 weeks old!!

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on May 25, 2008

and he is very cute!! of course, i am somewhat biased, heehee. he is growing and growing…he has already changed so much. when we brought him home, he was a stick, now it looks like he has rubber bands on his wrists from all the fat he has put on!! case in point…at birth he was 6lbs, 5oz; at 2 week check up he is 6lbs 14 oz; at 4 week checkup he is 9lbs and 10oz and 20 1/4 inches!! that boy of mine put on 3 lbs in 2 wks!! i guess breastfeeding every 2hrs (or less) works! he is rolly polly. newt was so the opposite. he weighed less than my cat for most of his first year of life…of course, if you knew my cat….we weighed him again at home and it looks like another pound…so at 6 weeks he is approximately 11 pounds, wow! here is a pic of him, double chin and all!!

One Response to “roo is 6 weeks old!!”

  1. joz1234 said

    Very Cute!

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