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peak oil

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on June 5, 2008

have you heard of this? i am currently reading a book called “the long emergency” and it is all about peak oil, and the ramifications it will have on our society. it’s scary because my eyes are being opened to just how dependent we are on oil. everything, and i mean everything, comes from oil. our futures are changing, and we had better be ready for it.

here are a few links to check out:


a discussion at a site i visit alot

a blog about peak oil and it’s possible implications

this is something i have been thinking about alot since i found out about it. it’s strange, why doesn’t the media talk about it? we are past peak…shouldn’t we be informed about it? shouldn’t we start making preps for it? or planning for when oil is no longer an option?

what will you do when the oil runs out? what will we all do? hmmmm…

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newt was sick…again!

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on June 5, 2008

so, the older boy child was running fever again. not to bad this go around as it seems to be gone after only a day and a half. hubby looked him over and declared it a viral infection. oh, well at least he saved us the 20$ copay! roo is fine thru all of this, and remains unfazed, as any 8 week old should.

we recently joined the ymca, and i am looking forward to having a place to go that doesn’t cost money, at least up front. staying home full-time has the drawback of getting bored. plus, it will be nice to have a place that offers classes like yoga and aerobics and spinning. i plan on enrolling newt in swimming lessons and t-ball. it will be so cute to see him in a baseball helmet, swinging and (probably) missing! i can’t wait! the season is 6 games long, so just long enough to see if he is interested enough to do another season next year. i think in the fall they have soccer and something else. hubby always said we should put him into soccer cause of all the running he naturally does in everyday life, haha!

we bought a freezer the other day, and i am sooo excited! i can’t wait to hit sam’s and buy up all of their discount meat! it is 3 years old and an upright to boot! it’s big, too. i can now fantasize about making loaves of bread without having to worry about a place to put them. i can also fantasize about my ice-cream selection…i think it will be growing, heehee.

so this morning, my dear son, newt, decided he wanted some cake ( i bought on the clearance rack at wally world). he drops the whole thing on the floor (we have eaten 2 small pieces, it is 1/8 sheet, so a pretty good size), pick up part of it, squish it in his hands, come into the living room and proudly show me his prize! well, he got a pop on the butt because the whole cake had to be thrown into the trash…and he had to watch me throw it in the trash. i really made me mad…he is not 1 or 2, he is 3! i know he knows what he did was not right, that we don’t throw food on the ground, then play with it! ugh. how do you explain waisted money to a child? i didn’t even understand money till i was in my teen and had a job. (my parents never gave me an allowance, they let me help my step-father at his job, painting or cleaning, so i could earn school clothes money. no, my parents did not automatically buy me new school clothes every year, so..if i didn’t work, i didn’t get new clothes…off my soap box)

the past 2 months have really flown by. it makes me sad to realize i havn’t taken a pic of roo in like two weeks! i think i took 20 pics of newt everyday for the first 2 years of his life! i exagerate, but not by much. the days pass by very quickly, and slowly, at the same time. hubby is working alot of extra shifts this month to make some extra money. the c-section bills are starting to rear their ugly heads…and we will have to pay them at some point!

i love nap time…it’s soooo quiet.


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