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having fun

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on June 10, 2008

newt is now all better. yeah! he had to have a procedure called a vcug where they put dye in his bladder, thru a cathetor, and have him pee to see if any urine is going back into his kidney’s…a sort of reflux. he did fine, although we did have to drug him up for the procedure…that was fun. hubby gave him 2 extra doses (he was still running around like a mad-man) and he finally relaxed enough to be calm and somewhat still…of course on the way home he passed out and slept for 1.5 hours. when he woke up, hubby remarked he had a hangover! it was funny, newt was acting a little strange, kinda like he had a hangover (not that i know what one of those feels like, heehee) i am taking roo in for his 2 month chekup on thurs…they are going to have to take more blood to check his thyroid levels to see if they have come up any…hopefully he doesn’t have a wonky thyroid that requires medication. we shall see…

well, the ymca is a hit…sort of. we went as a family on sunday. it was hot, and we put roo in the child watch program. we went outside to the waterpark area and i chased newt around for the next hour, while hubby just kinda sat in the water. he was hanging out and not really participating. i think he has a lot on his mind…as usual. hubby did end up chasing newt around for a bit too…he did do his part. it was funny, newt is sooo like me, it was about 95 or so degrees, but the sun kept getting coverd by clouds…well great, right? wrong…newt was shivering, physically and audibally cause the water in the pool was cold, very cold, and the sun wasn’t out long enough to make him hot enough to enjoy the water! my son is just like me! i am the only one i know who can get cold in 90 degree weather…and i have passed my dreaded trait onto my son! we went again today, this morning, and it was hot, but totally cloudy…we were in the pool for about 20 mins…i was cold and newt started shivering right away. he started asking for a snack, and then slid down the slide and got a small cut. that was it, he was crying and asking for “dr. daddy” to fix his boo-boo! so we got another snack, picked up roo and went home. he is currently passed out on the couch!

i think we will head to the library once the kiddos are up and fed. i need to re-check a book and get some new ones for newt. i plan on making french toast this afternoon too…a big batch that i can freeze for future meals! did i tell you that i am excited!! my next big want? a carpet shampooer or a new dyson vacuum. i have turned into a domestic goddess, without the spotless house part…i am working on that. i am thinking of sighning up for www.flylady.com. a program that slowly works you into a clean house that is clean all the time. it’s working for my friend, who has two small boys, and she says her house is “company ready” all the time. my house is never “company ready” although i have yet to make this a priority. now that i am home, i can spend more time taking care of the house and not let laundry get out of hand and such. slow and steady wins the race…even if the race is keeping your house clean!

hubby is working late again tonight. i actually exercised at the y! i am planning on exercising again tomorrow. i hope i can make this a habit…i have some really cute clothes that i would like to wear again! i only have around 12 pounds of baby weight left…not bad considering i gained 35 or so.

i guess that’s it! cheers…

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