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2 month checkup

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on June 13, 2008

well, roo is officially 2 months old, 9 weeks today!! it has gone by very fast, mainly because newt is a major distraction. poor roo gets attention only when newt is a: sleeping or b: watching tv…oh well, at least he won’t remember being ignored for long periods of time, heehee! we got a checkup on thurs and roo weighs in at 13 pounds!! and 22 3/4 inches. he is a super chunk. he is, apparently, thriving. the state of texas wants him to get another blood test, but his dr. says he is fine…the state health dept called my pedi today asking for another blood test….something about this bothers me, alot. what if i just didn’t want another blood test done? why should the state be dictating to me that my son needs another test, just so they can have the right numbers on record. i don’t know….a little to “big brother” for me. roo is fine, and that is all the state needs to know.

we went to the ymca today, and newt participated in a preschoolers fitness class. he did really well. it was fun for both of us. we listened to music and hopped, jumped, galloped, skipped and ran when it said to. the teacher was great and she talked to the kids and was very easy going. we played red light, green light….danced with stuffed animals and ended with some light stretching. we will be going again next week. it will, eventually, help him with his co-ordination…once he can stand on one foot, ha! there were lots of kids, too. i was surprised at that. i worked out for only about 25 mins on the bike…doing around 4.5 miles…it’s not as impressive as it sounds…i was not on a high resistance, but i did break a sweat, which is the point.

i gave roo a bath yesterday and has to scrub his head with a brush cause he was getting cradle cap, which is a build up of skin…well, no self respecting hairdresser is gonna let her kids get cradle cap, so i scrubbed, his head turned a nice shade of red, he cried a little, and then took a nap…clean babies smell sooooooo gooooood!

roasted chicken and potatoes for dinner tonight….hubby is working all day tomorrow, so we will have a buffet for dinner on saturday…which means cheese and chips for newt and leftovers for mom…maybe i can get newt to eat a burrito that i made from leftover beans that i smashed with already cooked ground beef; i rolled into a tortilla with chees that i had on hand, and waalah….10 or more frozen homemade burritos with no preservatives or added yukkies like hydrogenation or red dye#5… they are in the freezer, along with my texas french toast; french toast made with texas toast bread…a hearty breakfast for sure!

i’m off to recipe land to find recipes for next week…tonight and tomorrow we will be working on father’s day presents…newt is gonna make several things, with my help of course. i hope daddy likes them…i think he will…


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