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we went to a movie

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on June 19, 2008

and left after an hour…newt was more interested in playing with the boy in the seat in front of us than the movie “happy feet”…to much singing, by the way, i can see why he wasn’t paying much attention….very loud too, so it didn’t matter that he was talking, playing, jumping, dancing (cause the penguins were dancing) and generally being a boy. oh, it was a showing for kiddos…their were probably about 300 along with adults, the shows cost 1$ each so it was worth a shot.

we start swim lessons on monday. i know he is gonna throw a fit when we have to get out after 30 mins, so….pray for me not to loose my cool. he threw a major fit today cause i wouldn’t get him some oj….i ignored him and it only took 5 mins of very loud screaming for him to stop. what else can i do? i do get tired of popping him on the hind end.

funny things newt has recently said:

mommy, roo-roo bitting your booby? (no honey, he is sucking, that is how he gets his milk)

we no run errands, we drive to errands

i love this paddle mommy (awwww, that one is sad cause he likes the way it looks, not the way it feels)

i fly like superman (as he lays in bed and tries to get me to stay another min longer)

wipe my tears mommy (after he cries)

kiss my boo-boo here (as he swings his rear my way for me to kiss after i have popped him)

thank you mommy (as i wipe the poo-poo off his hiney, awwww)

we went to the ymca and i droped him off at child watch, along with roo. after i exercised for 45 mins i went to take him to the pool, without roo…well, he started crying loudly when i said we were going to the pool. i said what is wrong? he said, with a teary voice, mommy and newt go get roo then go pool!!!! he thought i was going to leave without roo!!! isn’t that soooo sweet !!! he is so attatched to roo, he didn’t want to leave without him! i gave him a biiiiig hug and showed him the pool was right their at the gym and that we wouldn’t leave without roo. then he was fine, although i did have to wipe his tears.

three year olds are lots of fun…they really are an adventure.

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