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grocery deals

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on June 30, 2008

at kroger they had cascadian farms organic clifford crunch cereal marked down to 1.50 each…i bought 3 boxes (should’ve bought all they had)…i am going back tomorrow to redeem my internet coupons (they will refund your money, just take back receipt) and get three boxes of cereal for 1.50 total!!! (cereal has 100 cals and 5 g fiber per cup, so it’s good stuff!) i also bought 2 dozen cage free eggs for 1.25 each…with soon to be redeemed q’s (q’s were on the back of the marked down cereal; cereal that doesn’t expire until dec 08)…eggs will be 25 cents each!! and, found a q for muir glen canned tomatoes…1$ off each…bought 2 cans organic toms for 39 cents ea! wowow!!! i forgot how much i love coupons…now, gotta get organized with q’s and sales and such…it’s a good thing i don’t work anymore…i don’t think i have enough brains left after two boys to hold a steady job AND bargain shop!!!! just joking…i think….

at the 99cent only store found bertoli pasta dinner for 99 cents a bag, bought 3, enough ginger to last me a year for .99, yoplait yogurt 3/99 (they are 54 ea at wally world). i plan on calling them to see if they take q’s…if they do, watch out!!

my cheap meal of the week? bertolli pasta dinner (fancy pasta with brocolli and garlic sauce) added in my own cooked chicken (split chik breasts .99 lb, used about a dollars worth) homemade whole wheat bread sticks (cheap…flour yeast water, you know the drill) and water. i guess this meal cost us about 3$ for all three. the rest of the chicken went into chicken noodle soup (scratch) and rolls (scratch) and i have more leftover chicken…don’t know what to do with that…probably a casserole with rice. another cheap meal!!

total so far for groceries for july…. (will update as i buy more)

kroger…20.98 (will get back 3$)
99 cent store….11.70
kroger….3.28 (will get back $2 on this trip)

total: 54.37

One Response to “grocery deals”

  1. joz1234 said

    Wow! Food only?
    And I have thought $220 a month was great (for us at least–it’s down from $380). That includes everything–not just food but toiletries, paper goods, zippy bags, sudafed (generic), etc…

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