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america’s cheapest family?

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on August 22, 2008

read this “fascinating” story…
So…they reel you in with promises of tips to reduce your grocery bill. What a joke! these “tips” have been running around for years. leave the kids at home? boy, what a great tip! shop when your not hungry? gee, i’ve not heard that one before! it just goes to show you that the news is really clueless when it comes to providing a great story with real tips for real families.  
If this lady were truly frugal, she would have a garden, make her own stock, freeze her own soups and casseroles, etc.  They are using coupons, and saving lots o’money, but as I am looking more and more at my Feingold stuff, we don’t want to buy that carp anymore, much less eat it.  I dunno, it just really irks me that they are showcasing this family again.  If you ever really do want to be frugal, just pick up a copy of “The Tightwad Gazzette” by Amy Dacyczyn.  Now there is someone who could pinch a penny and out pops a nickle.   Frugallity is not to be taken lightly…it is a lifestyle, one that I am not great at.  I am working on it, though….
Want frugality, check some of the thousands of blogs out there.  We have some really frugal mommas who can run circles around that family. 

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