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Hurricane Ike update

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 13, 2008

Galveston Island just lost all power. 

People are on their roof tops in Crystal Beach awaiting rescue. 

This makes me madder than anything…our rescue workers, firefighters and police are putting their lives on the line for these others who wanted to “ride it out” and now realize that they are in serious trouble.  I am very sad and will pray hard for these brave heroes who have left their own families behind to save others. 

Let’s all pray. 

It is totally dark outside, the wind is blowing harder and harder.  We still have satellite, a minor miracle, so we are able to watch the news and get updates.  It will be a long night…I don’t think either one of us will get much sleep. 

My mom and step dad have borded up their windows in Pearland…they have never done this before…she says the whole street borded up their windows.  Another thing I havn’t seen before.  I have been here since Hurricane Alicia hit in 83…as a matter of fact, we had just moved here about 2 weeks before it hit..some welcome mat! ha!  Anyway, I digress…the neighbors are in their garage having a party of sorts…our in-laws grilled steaks before the power goes out…some of our friends went to way higher ground, and some of our family too….

I just hope we don’t get a tornado.

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My CVS trip today

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 12, 2008

Not so great…but not so bad either….

I have been very lazy when it comes to CVS lately…so, I realize some of my bucks have expired and only have a few more “bonus” days left…so off I went before the winds from the hurricane start up.  CVS is closing at 6 because of the hurricane, which I think is awesome, and boy, were they busy!  Anyway, i got  3 Right Guard deodorants for 2.99 each and 2 reinventing beauty magazines (the first time I have ever seen them at my CVS).  I spent 49 cents and got back 6 bux.  I know it’s not as great as some do, but the mags have 30$ in coupons, and I have doubles, plus…by the cash register, there were more coupons, they look like the inserts from the beauty mags, and I picked up 3.   I’m a pig, oink oink.  I also picked up some $1 off coupons for great lash mascara on a display…ya never know!!! 

so…I’ve got to plan better…plan ahead so I can get better deals.  It’s fun when I do it, I have just been extra lazy this month.

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“Stupid is as stupid does”….

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 12, 2008

Or, when there is a catagory 2 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico…you ride it out because “you are in a stable home”.  It absolutely astounds me how absolutely moronic some people are.  I live just outside of Houston and have been watching the coverage all day long, well since yesterday morning really, and there are loads of people who have not left Galveston Island…and now, as of 3 pm, they can’t.  The roads are covered in water, whole neighborhoods are flooded out, and people are staying home!  I can’t believe it!  What are these folks thinking?  One guy on the phone said they didn’t get to the ferry before it shut down.  The ferry shut down at 11 pm on thurs night…when were they planning on leaving?  Did they not know there was a gigantic storm in the gulf???  This guy also lives on the beach!  What!!  These are the people who will call 9-1-1 looking for a rescue.  At 9pm tonight, no one will be there to answer 9-1-1.  That is some serious stuff.  The news thinks around 40% of the island residents stayed.  So sad…I just hope the children don’t get killed because of their parents’ stupidity.  I would never risk my child’s life like that…I just can’t understand it.  I realize you may not have alot of money for a motel or food, but there are shelters and you should be able to get to one of them. 

Anyway…I am sure there will be lots more of this to come.  The seas are almost to the seawall, which is about 10 ft tall or so, and we havn’t even gotten any rain yet!  That is crazy!  Of course, the reporters are cracking me up because they are practically in the ocean reporting what’s going on.  Here in north Houston, we are mostly worried about downed trees.  We will be having our boys sleep downstairs in our room tonight…just in case.  Our power lines are buried, but we will likely loose power…oh, well…not much we can do about that.  We aren’t leaving cause we are very unlikely to flood, and hubby may be called into the hospital for backup…ya never know.

I went to my local Wal-Mart Supercenter…they were out of bread and almost out of water, peanut butter, and low on milk.  Kroger in the middle of town by one of the news stations was out of damn near everything….milk, bread, tuna, soup, etc.  You have never seen anything as odd as an empty grocery store.  I mean, people are buying enough food to last them till the second coming of Christ!  I’m serious!  It’s pretty funny.  Batteries, phones, boom-boxes, and candles were very low too.  Wow!  Lots of things are closed today, and will be closing at 6.  My local gas station has run out of gas….We have had 3 full days of notice that a storm was comming this way, but we all procrastinated..me included.  I should’ve gotten water and extra batteries a month ago.  Oh, well….

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Two people I will never borrow from again

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 10, 2008

Or….at least it is highly likely I will never borrow from again.  The first is my mom, the second is my sister in law.  Let me explain…

My sis-in-law left a message on my phone the other day asking for the bassinet and the breast pump.  A friend of hers is pregnant with twins and she wants it back.  If I’m done with them, of course.  Sure.  This is the second time in 5 months she has asked for these two things back.  I am irritated because when she told me about said items she didn’t want/need, she said I could have them.  I specifically remember her saying (actually, she texted me) that I could HAVE them.  Doesn’t that imply I am the new owner???  I mean, I appreciate her letting me use them, but…since I figured they were mine, I didn’t think there was a time limit to their ownership.  I figured when I was sure I wasn’t having anymore babies, I would donate them to a shelter or something like that.  Anyway.  So now, she can have the darn things…I will buy my own breast pump if I need to and be done with it.

The second person, and this is sad really, is my mom.  She is the absolute worst when it comes to using her things.  Now, in her defense, I know it is not really her fault.  Her parents moved over twenty times during her youth, and packed her stuff for her…and got rid of anything they deemed useless for her without so much as an explanation.  She would come home from school, the house would be packed, and her whole family would move.  Just like that.  Now, that being said, she is very possesive of her stuff.  Even things she doesn’t like all that much.  For example, I borrowed her copy of “Ratatouille” movie.  I hadn’t seen it and wanted to, she said, here, use mine, I didn’t like it at all (tone of voice was like I won’t like it either).  As I was leaving, she said “now be sure and give that back to me, I want it”.  WHAT!!!  You don’t even like the darn movie, yet you want it back???  huh???  I have two small children who will watch it, you don’t like it, but I have to give it back….ugh.   I sent it back to her priority mail (she lives an hour away, a two hour round trip, so mailing it was cheaper than driving it to her) and have since bought my own copy. 

So, to all you would be lenders out there, don’t lend things if you are gonna be ugly about getting them back.  Tell the person when you want said item back and then ask for it if you don’t get it. 

Vent over!!  Putting soapbox away…at least for now!

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CVS trip

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 7, 2008

Well, I should’ve posted this last week when I went, but….ya’ know how that goes!

Here is what I bought:

10 bottles of L’oreal Vive shampoo and conditioner

6 Sure deodorants

1 Covergirl Amazmint lip gloss

2 Covergirl Outlast lipsticks

3 Poweraid drinks

Total OOP?  $.91!!  woohoo, I only spent 91 cents, not to bad!  I saved $92.78

I had bogo coupons, and 2 rainchecks for the bogo sale cause they were out of stuff.  I recieved 5.99 in ecb’s back, so I now have more money to spend this week!  Gotta check my q stash…

By the way, CVS totally overcharges for things…that is why they can do this extra buck thing…the poweraid is cheaper at Wal-mart, but I wouldn’t have gotten the lipsticks for free…so, it works out to be a better deal at CVS in the end.

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oh, man

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 3, 2008

newt just dropped his drawers, and started whining….

“i can’t wear scooby-scooby doo undies, i want spiderman  undies”

he has since pulled up his shorts, but not before standing in front of the tv for 60 secs before he decided to put them back on….how funny is that?  when was the last time you dropped your shorts and complained cause you felt like it?  maybe i should try that once in awhile…(i would get my hubby’s attention…FOR SURE!!)

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Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 3, 2008

and bingo was his name-o

newt refuses to say it the right way…so he has made up his own song…also, bingo, apparently, is a cow…

things don’t neccessarily need to rhyme when you are three…

(hey, let’s see how many times i can post in one day!)

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Feingold is pixen me off!!

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 3, 2008

I’m not all that mad that I can’t eat apples anymore, or tomatoes, or grapes, or….(the list goes on), what I am pissed about is that we have been duped for many years by the powers that be…better known as food manufacturers.  We think because something says “antioxidant” means that it is healthier for us, right?  well, my friends, not!  Preservatives are considered antioxidants…nice, huh, because the food doesn’t oxidize..sneaky sneaky.  Also, no preservatives added only means they didn’t add any in.  So what?  That means the ingredients used can have preservatives but they don’t have to be listed in the label.  WOW, so…have you had your serving of BHT today?  Sad thing is, I have gone thru two pregnancies eating this crap!  ugh.   Ignorance is bliss. 

So, what does this mean for us as a family?  Well, it means I am gonna be cooking my *ss off from now on.  It means, likely, healthier meals…it also means more fiber cause we can’t afford all those cheap crakers and snacks anymore…organics are pricey.  I don’t mind paying for organic veggies and fruit, but I refuse to pay $4 for a box of crakers that my kiddo won’t like cause they don’t look like goldfish.  One of the things we can eat?  Fritos!  and he loves them…and so do I, yummy, although no tomatoes, so no more frito pies…at least for awhile (salycilate sensitivity)…I am missing ketchup…it is like it’s own food group in this house…newt seems to have forgotten about it for the most part. 

 Keeping to the guidelines this week has not happened because of newt’s fever and I am happy to report we have been giving him orange colored, bubblegum flavored ibuprofen and tylenol….so much for no artifical stuff!  HAAA.  oh well, watcha gonna do?  Start again next week when his fever subsides. 

Scratch cooking for this week?

bananna pancakes

chicken soup (including stock, no boullion for us)

white sandwich bread (which hubby said is the BEST he has ever had, or something like that…i was in white carb heaven at the time and was not paying that close of attention)

spreadable butter (this is sooo easy, just soften a stick of butter and blend it with 1/2 cup of canola oil, and voila, spreadable butter that tastes incredible…as long as you don’t buy your butter from Sam’s Club…they don’t make tasty butter)

next….black bean chowder and  cream soups (like cream of celery) 

off i go to the kitchen (not to cook, to finish of some of my cheesecake from the factory!!  yum!!)

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Happy Birthday to me!

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 3, 2008

well, i’m officially old! i have hit my mid-thirties. how did i ring in the “new” year? i took care of my poor newt who is running fever and has (again) exodative tonsilitis. hubby is already thinking of having them, those pesky tonsils that is, removed. i am not looking forward to another surgery. i already had enough of that with his ear fiasco. roo roo is doing well, and has already started to teeth, oh joy. just the barest hint of a front tooth is coming thru. it makes me a little sad. i will miss that toothless grin; he has got to be the cutest thing this side of the mississippi. have i told you lately how awesome it is having a baby again? it is the coolest and neatest and best blessing ever. babies are fun.

now, i am off to bury myself in 6, count ’em 6, slices of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. we have….carrot cake, coconut, godiva, tiramisu, turtle, and caramel..i think those are the flavors, but who really cares? it’s cheesecake for crying out loud!!!! my b-day present from hubby, plus he wants to take me out for dinner! he hasn’t said that is a very loooong time. can’t blame him, though, the man does work 12 hour days…

happy b-day to me!!!!
cheers, aj

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