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Feingold is pixen me off!!

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 3, 2008

I’m not all that mad that I can’t eat apples anymore, or tomatoes, or grapes, or….(the list goes on), what I am pissed about is that we have been duped for many years by the powers that be…better known as food manufacturers.  We think because something says “antioxidant” means that it is healthier for us, right?  well, my friends, not!  Preservatives are considered antioxidants…nice, huh, because the food doesn’t oxidize..sneaky sneaky.  Also, no preservatives added only means they didn’t add any in.  So what?  That means the ingredients used can have preservatives but they don’t have to be listed in the label.  WOW, so…have you had your serving of BHT today?  Sad thing is, I have gone thru two pregnancies eating this crap!  ugh.   Ignorance is bliss. 

So, what does this mean for us as a family?  Well, it means I am gonna be cooking my *ss off from now on.  It means, likely, healthier meals…it also means more fiber cause we can’t afford all those cheap crakers and snacks anymore…organics are pricey.  I don’t mind paying for organic veggies and fruit, but I refuse to pay $4 for a box of crakers that my kiddo won’t like cause they don’t look like goldfish.  One of the things we can eat?  Fritos!  and he loves them…and so do I, yummy, although no tomatoes, so no more frito pies…at least for awhile (salycilate sensitivity)…I am missing ketchup…it is like it’s own food group in this house…newt seems to have forgotten about it for the most part. 

 Keeping to the guidelines this week has not happened because of newt’s fever and I am happy to report we have been giving him orange colored, bubblegum flavored ibuprofen and tylenol….so much for no artifical stuff!  HAAA.  oh well, watcha gonna do?  Start again next week when his fever subsides. 

Scratch cooking for this week?

bananna pancakes

chicken soup (including stock, no boullion for us)

white sandwich bread (which hubby said is the BEST he has ever had, or something like that…i was in white carb heaven at the time and was not paying that close of attention)

spreadable butter (this is sooo easy, just soften a stick of butter and blend it with 1/2 cup of canola oil, and voila, spreadable butter that tastes incredible…as long as you don’t buy your butter from Sam’s Club…they don’t make tasty butter)

next….black bean chowder and  cream soups (like cream of celery) 

off i go to the kitchen (not to cook, to finish of some of my cheesecake from the factory!!  yum!!)

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