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Happy Birthday to me!

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 3, 2008

well, i’m officially old! i have hit my mid-thirties. how did i ring in the “new” year? i took care of my poor newt who is running fever and has (again) exodative tonsilitis. hubby is already thinking of having them, those pesky tonsils that is, removed. i am not looking forward to another surgery. i already had enough of that with his ear fiasco. roo roo is doing well, and has already started to teeth, oh joy. just the barest hint of a front tooth is coming thru. it makes me a little sad. i will miss that toothless grin; he has got to be the cutest thing this side of the mississippi. have i told you lately how awesome it is having a baby again? it is the coolest and neatest and best blessing ever. babies are fun.

now, i am off to bury myself in 6, count ’em 6, slices of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. we have….carrot cake, coconut, godiva, tiramisu, turtle, and caramel..i think those are the flavors, but who really cares? it’s cheesecake for crying out loud!!!! my b-day present from hubby, plus he wants to take me out for dinner! he hasn’t said that is a very loooong time. can’t blame him, though, the man does work 12 hour days…

happy b-day to me!!!!
cheers, aj

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