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Two people I will never borrow from again

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 10, 2008

Or….at least it is highly likely I will never borrow from again.  The first is my mom, the second is my sister in law.  Let me explain…

My sis-in-law left a message on my phone the other day asking for the bassinet and the breast pump.  A friend of hers is pregnant with twins and she wants it back.  If I’m done with them, of course.  Sure.  This is the second time in 5 months she has asked for these two things back.  I am irritated because when she told me about said items she didn’t want/need, she said I could have them.  I specifically remember her saying (actually, she texted me) that I could HAVE them.  Doesn’t that imply I am the new owner???  I mean, I appreciate her letting me use them, but…since I figured they were mine, I didn’t think there was a time limit to their ownership.  I figured when I was sure I wasn’t having anymore babies, I would donate them to a shelter or something like that.  Anyway.  So now, she can have the darn things…I will buy my own breast pump if I need to and be done with it.

The second person, and this is sad really, is my mom.  She is the absolute worst when it comes to using her things.  Now, in her defense, I know it is not really her fault.  Her parents moved over twenty times during her youth, and packed her stuff for her…and got rid of anything they deemed useless for her without so much as an explanation.  She would come home from school, the house would be packed, and her whole family would move.  Just like that.  Now, that being said, she is very possesive of her stuff.  Even things she doesn’t like all that much.  For example, I borrowed her copy of “Ratatouille” movie.  I hadn’t seen it and wanted to, she said, here, use mine, I didn’t like it at all (tone of voice was like I won’t like it either).  As I was leaving, she said “now be sure and give that back to me, I want it”.  WHAT!!!  You don’t even like the darn movie, yet you want it back???  huh???  I have two small children who will watch it, you don’t like it, but I have to give it back….ugh.   I sent it back to her priority mail (she lives an hour away, a two hour round trip, so mailing it was cheaper than driving it to her) and have since bought my own copy. 

So, to all you would be lenders out there, don’t lend things if you are gonna be ugly about getting them back.  Tell the person when you want said item back and then ask for it if you don’t get it. 

Vent over!!  Putting soapbox away…at least for now!

One Response to “Two people I will never borrow from again”

  1. joz1234 said

    Do you need one? I have one sitting in my room. I will send it to you and let you use it…send it back to me when you are done. If I get pregnant before you are done then it is my punishment for being dumb and getting pregnant!! 🙂

    Let me know.

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