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Hurricane Ike update

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 13, 2008

Galveston Island just lost all power. 

People are on their roof tops in Crystal Beach awaiting rescue. 

This makes me madder than anything…our rescue workers, firefighters and police are putting their lives on the line for these others who wanted to “ride it out” and now realize that they are in serious trouble.  I am very sad and will pray hard for these brave heroes who have left their own families behind to save others. 

Let’s all pray. 

It is totally dark outside, the wind is blowing harder and harder.  We still have satellite, a minor miracle, so we are able to watch the news and get updates.  It will be a long night…I don’t think either one of us will get much sleep. 

My mom and step dad have borded up their windows in Pearland…they have never done this before…she says the whole street borded up their windows.  Another thing I havn’t seen before.  I have been here since Hurricane Alicia hit in 83…as a matter of fact, we had just moved here about 2 weeks before it hit..some welcome mat! ha!  Anyway, I digress…the neighbors are in their garage having a party of sorts…our in-laws grilled steaks before the power goes out…some of our friends went to way higher ground, and some of our family too….

I just hope we don’t get a tornado.

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