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you never know….

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on March 13, 2009

how much crap you have until you have to pack it all up….3.5 months in advance of upcoming move….ugh

my scrapbooking alone took up 5 boxes…mainly because paper is freakin heavy…so they are 1/2 scrapbook 1/2 clothing, kids clothing at that. 

on the positive side…this frees up much needed rubermaid storage bins, yeah!!!

oh, and by the way, i am a total Twilight freak!  i have gone thru the series twice now and am currently addicted to fan fiction on the twilight saga site…ugh, i have a problem.  i think i am gonna read it again…who am i kidding, i am going to read it again..hubby thinks i’m losing it…who am i kidding, i lost it the moment i had kids….y’know?

so….off to waste time….

One Response to “you never know….”

  1. joz1234 said

    haha! You Twilight FREAK! I didn’t realize it was this bad!!! I found a Twilight Flair I am going to send you on FB. I don’t look forward to packing as much this time (I have a while obviously), but knowing it will just be for 1 year sucks! Good luck with all of that!

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