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“The Watchmen” Movie, and the 8yr old girl next to me…

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on March 17, 2009

I went on a date…with my hubby!!  Yeah, it doesn’t happen all that often, so when it does, I get pretty excited.  We went to a place called The Movie Tavern, where you eat actual food and can drink beer, wine or cokes!  Hubby loved being able to drink a beer while watching a movie.  I had a huge plate of nachos (they needed more cheese) and hubby had quesadillas (he thinks they were deep fried, they were super crispy…too crispy).  The food was fine, and we will likely go back cuz, yknow, two birds…one stone…

Anyway, the movie was hmmmm, ok.  It’s about 2 1/2 hours and has some great action scenes.  It’s about a group of superheroes and their lives together.  One of them gets killed, and some of the others come together to figure out who did it and to stop more murders of other heroes.  The movie has a lot of back story moments. and while we need to know the back story, it slows down the movie quite a bit.  After awhile, I was like, who cares! Let’s get on with @ss kicking already!  Anyway, several times I was wondering how much longer it would last…I don’t often do that…I am pretty easily entertained when it comes to movies.  The filming was great and it did have lots of cool effects and stop action sequences and slow motion.

One of the characters, Dr. Manhattan, is worth mentioning because he was naked the entire movie, except for a few times.  He is glowing and blue and, apparently, all-knowing and all-seeing and can manipulate everything, metal, sand, water, among other things.  His back story was cool, and pretty fast.  The reason I mention his nakedness is because we get a full frontal…EVERYTIME!!!  And let me tell ya ladies, if he is that big flacid…I shutter to think how big it would be erect!!  YIKES!!!  It was very distracting because everytime he was on screen, I invariably had to look at it.  You know, it’s not like I have never seen a p*nis before, but y’know, it’s not often I see one on a 40 foot screen, and blue…  My hubby felt the same way, he was looking at it too.  Human nature.  All I could think was, d*mn, you would be bo-legged after that….but…I digress…

Anyway.. Soapbox alert

There was a little girl sitting next to me.  She was probably 7-9 years old.  Now, I am no expert at guessing ages, but she was obviously NOT 17.  This is a rated r movie for a reason, as children should not be allowed to see it.  It is very violent, with sex and tons of cussing.  The girl covered her eyes several times, as did I, but you could still hear the power saw cutting thru a mans forearms…you could still hear anther man’s skull get hacked to pieces with a cleaver….when I say violent, I mean VIOLENT. 

I wanna know what the hell the mother was thinking?  I would have left…wait, I would never let my kid see that in the first place, so that is a moot point.  At what point, in the decision making process, did the mom say to herself, ” hmm, it’s rated r, but I’m sure it’s not that bad, I mean it’s about heroes, right?” 

Did she ever stop to think that those images will be with her kid for awhile?  Maybe give her nightmares?  Did that occur to her??  I say this from experience, when I was a child, like 7 or 8, my mom and her first husband took me to see “The Exorcist” at the drive-inn.  Well, what a lovely movie for a child!  I remember looking out the back windshield at a cartoon that was playing across the lot, trying not to look at the screen or listen to the words.  I remember that to this day. 

Do parents consider what they let thier children watch these days anymore???  We are watching alot of PBS because there is no violence, and I don’t have to worry about it, not even the commercials (well the promos for the business that donate money).  I’ve talked before about my friends and thier kids, who are 4 and 2, how they went to see “Batman Begins.”  When we finally saw it on DVD, we just shook our heads at how irresponsible it is to let babies see such violence.  No wonder we have a legion of children who routinely lash out at teachers, parents and each other.  It couldn’t have anything to do with the fodder we let them watch on the movie screen, could it…of course not….(says with heavy sarcasm)

Anyway, I feel sorry for so many kids that are subjected to this trash because the parents don’t have enough sense to stay home and watch “Cars” instead…(shakes head and sighs)

Anyway, as for the movie…I wouldn’t watch it again.  Hubby feels the same.  I asked him if he would buy it and he said no. 

“Gran Torino” was far superior…and is worth buying.

4 Responses to ““The Watchmen” Movie, and the 8yr old girl next to me…”

  1. Sandra said

    Rated “R” doesn’t mean that they’re not allowed in – it just means they have to have a parent or other adult with them.

    I’m a mom of four kids. My oldest boys and my toddler love scary movies. They always have. I myself am a horror movie addict. My kids are allowed to watch them – and you know why? Because we discuss them, they know they’re not real, and they’re fascinated by how things “work”. We often watch the “Making Of” after a DVD movie at home, so my 11 year old can see how the special effects were done. He’s interested in making movies.

    Stephen King started making scary movies when he got his first “movie machine” at age 7. I’d be really content if my kids grow up to make millions of dollars making gory movies! 😀

    Anyways, I guess I’m defending the mother. It depends on the child – I have two nieces that would get freaked out at the gar in Finding Nemo, but my kids look forward to Friday Night Gore Fest – and laugh about the funny scenes. I really think it’s personal preference. And nope, none of the kids that watch these movies grow up to be serial killers. I grew up watching Lone Ranger, and never once have I wanted to grab a gun and shoot someone… 🙂

    • justanotherstayathomemom said

      i can only imagine how scary that movie was that stephen king made at the age of 7…plus, tv and movies were way different back then.
      children don’t always understand the difference btwn real and imaginary…i am always asking my son if this or that is real and i have to correct him still, even though we discuss it. are you sure, really sure, that all 4 kids understand the difference? are you absolutely sure? i can’t be sure…even after we talk about it. if the 11 year old understands, does the youngest? shouldn’t we have more discression when deciding what to let our kids watch? do we want them to be desensitized to violence? you can’t tell me it doesn’t affect them, you can’t.

      we are to protect our children. why can’t you watch a non-violent movie and watch “the making of” and discuss that? why does it have to be horror movies? i dunno, it just disturbs me that so many kids see so much violence and sex at younger and younger ages. i know the vast majority do not grow up to be serial killers, but how many beat women? torture animals? bully other kids younger and weaker than them? become controlling? are without sympathy? there are a variety of ways these movies can affect a child without making them killers.

      i’m not judging the mother, so much, as just questioning why she would want her young child to see such violence. i still cannot understand why, even after reading your reply…it makes no sense. whatever happened to kids just being kids and not being exposed to violence and death and gore until they are old enough to understand the consequences of such actions?

  2. joz1234 said

    Let’s put it out there…You ARE judging the mother if you think what she is doing is wrong. I agree with you, whole-heartedly. I don’t understand why parents feel the need to watch these movies and have their kids there. Is it because you cannot find someone to watch your kids, and so your needs are put above your kids? I WILL judge…I think it is ridiculous that someone would want to put their children in a situation where they have no option but to be exposed to the world at it’s most violent or most sexual, or most crude. Why not emphasize the good parts of our world instead. They will learn all the other stuff in good time and not walk away from it with as many nightmares.

  3. RT said

    You are totally wrong and totally irresponsible to let your kids (especially the toddler) watch horror movies. You can’t know how these films are really affecting them. One day you may look back and question your decision, but it may be too late. Wake up, woman! You appear to be a fool to anyone reading this blog. If you want to practice such irresponsible behavior, at least don’t brag about it.

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