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I am going to class!

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on January 6, 2009

Well, sort of.  You see, a blog I read called watchgirl posted a link to something called Torah Class (notice what it says a little on down the page, on the left hand side *wink*).  Well, I started it last night and read thru two “classes”.  It’s very cool….VERY COOL!!  The teacher really opened up my mind to what the Word says, and conversely what it doesn’t say.  He talks about the duality of Scripture and, I already knew this (tooting my own horn), how a prophecy can have two meanings. 

I am stoked to delve in and learn and learn and learn and…..you get the idea. 

The Torah, commomly referred to as The Law, is the first 5 books of the Bible.  They were written by Moses himself.  When did Moses get these teachings from Yaweh (God)?  Well, he got them the same time he got the 10 Commandments!  That is so cool!  Of course, they don’t put that into the movie…do they???  Anywho, Torah is all about how to live a life that worships and is pleasing to Ya.  He put everything in there we are supposed to be doing…even doing today.  Uh, oh…methinks I might be changing some bad habits soon. 

So, I am going back to school, sort of.  The best part?  I mean besides growing and learning all I can about Ya and His Word?  It’s totally free!! 

Another cool free way to go to school is called Opencourseware.  Here you can find courses from MIT, Stanford and many other colleges.  The notes, syllabus, and lectures are all online and all free!!  Of course you don’t get credit, but at this point in my life, I don’t need credit hours to make me feel good about my level of education, of which I *almost* have an associate degree (snorts cause she *knows* this means nothing in the real world).  I think its totally wack that you can study all this stuff at home for free and get smart for free!!!  Yeah!  Of course, if ya wanted to, you could then take the test and CLEP out of the actual class and get credit, but I’m not sure of how that is done…just know it can be done. 

Anyway…I need to call a roofer…the hole in my roof still hasn’t been fixed since the hurricane and yes….it has rained many times.  The last roofer I called no-showed me 3 times.  I guess he doesn’t want to make $8, ooo.  (oh, yeah, you heard that right!  and the insurance check is only for half of that).  Turns out we need a whole new roof….yeah!!

Tonight I am making ropa vieja in the crockpot and it smells awesome. 

peace out.

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america’s cheapest family?

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on August 22, 2008

read this “fascinating” story…
So…they reel you in with promises of tips to reduce your grocery bill. What a joke! these “tips” have been running around for years. leave the kids at home? boy, what a great tip! shop when your not hungry? gee, i’ve not heard that one before! it just goes to show you that the news is really clueless when it comes to providing a great story with real tips for real families.  
If this lady were truly frugal, she would have a garden, make her own stock, freeze her own soups and casseroles, etc.  They are using coupons, and saving lots o’money, but as I am looking more and more at my Feingold stuff, we don’t want to buy that carp anymore, much less eat it.  I dunno, it just really irks me that they are showcasing this family again.  If you ever really do want to be frugal, just pick up a copy of “The Tightwad Gazzette” by Amy Dacyczyn.  Now there is someone who could pinch a penny and out pops a nickle.   Frugallity is not to be taken lightly…it is a lifestyle, one that I am not great at.  I am working on it, though….
Want frugality, check some of the thousands of blogs out there.  We have some really frugal mommas who can run circles around that family. 

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