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meals for the rest of the week

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on May 21, 2008

will update with cost after i visit the grocery store! i know you can’t wait, hahaha!

dinner: (not in order, sorry!)

Roast Turkey Breast with Chipotle Chili Sauce (sun) (have none on hand)
chili (with hamburger meat) (thu) (have little on hand)
honey mustard pork, garlic mashed potatoes and green beans (wed) (have everything on hand)
frito pie (left over chili with fritos and cheese) (fri) (have fritos and cheese)
pork and green chili casserole (sat) (have most on hand)

lunch: (no order)

turkey chef salad
honey-baked lentils (crockpot) (on hand)
carrot coconut soup (experiment) (on hand)
pizza pancakes (experiment) (need cheese and tom sauce)

breakfast: (no order)
breakfast quiche (need eggs, sausage and crust)
whole wheat bagels and cream cheese (on hand)

what is your plan for the week? i think about what i have in the fridge, then i look at the sales paper, then i write out a menu list. it is very time consuming, but i am getting better at it. will have to blog about the proper way to meal plan and grocery shop!

update: i spent around 100$ including beer, draino, meds, and soap. not to bad. i didn’t make the bagels, the lunches (except lentils) or the chipotle turkey(subbing chicken cause, damn, turkey is expensive) hubby was working all weekend so, this boys and i ate leftovers and such. the pork casserole is great, i did modify it some, and the breakfast quiche is great too. hubby wants me to modify that to include biscuits instead of pastry crust. the man is a carb lover, what can i say. my menu for next week will include several things from this menu…so half of my work is done for me! yay me!!

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