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Christmas 2&3

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on January 6, 2009

Christmas with my mom and step-dad wasn’t so bad this year.  It was a little boring, but we got thru it!  My husband even said it wasn’t so bad, which is BIG for him.  No, my mom didn’t apologize for hanging up on me…didn’t even mention that it happened. 

Christmas at home was much better.  Newt, who is 3 years and 8 months (when did THAT happen?) loved his presents and played with them immediately!  Yay!!  Just what I wanted.  We opened a new train set, it spirals up and he immediately wanted to set it up and play with it…the other presents were forgotten.  Until I told him to open something else!  He got a wooden train set, a marble run, a 3 pack of trains, and a bubble maker for the bath tub.  He loved it and wanted more presents, of course. 

Hubby’s mom and sister came over for a few hours and it was mostly uneventful.  We did get more gift cards, though!!!  My favorite!!  I have already used them to buy groceries and a gift for someone else…that’s is why I don’t like them….off my soapbox NOW!! 

anyway…that’s it!

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oh, man

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 3, 2008

newt just dropped his drawers, and started whining….

“i can’t wear scooby-scooby doo undies, i want spiderman  undies”

he has since pulled up his shorts, but not before standing in front of the tv for 60 secs before he decided to put them back on….how funny is that?  when was the last time you dropped your shorts and complained cause you felt like it?  maybe i should try that once in awhile…(i would get my hubby’s attention…FOR SURE!!)

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Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 3, 2008

and bingo was his name-o

newt refuses to say it the right way…so he has made up his own song…also, bingo, apparently, is a cow…

things don’t neccessarily need to rhyme when you are three…

(hey, let’s see how many times i can post in one day!)

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Feingold is pixen me off!!

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 3, 2008

I’m not all that mad that I can’t eat apples anymore, or tomatoes, or grapes, or….(the list goes on), what I am pissed about is that we have been duped for many years by the powers that be…better known as food manufacturers.  We think because something says “antioxidant” means that it is healthier for us, right?  well, my friends, not!  Preservatives are considered antioxidants…nice, huh, because the food doesn’t oxidize..sneaky sneaky.  Also, no preservatives added only means they didn’t add any in.  So what?  That means the ingredients used can have preservatives but they don’t have to be listed in the label.  WOW, so…have you had your serving of BHT today?  Sad thing is, I have gone thru two pregnancies eating this crap!  ugh.   Ignorance is bliss. 

So, what does this mean for us as a family?  Well, it means I am gonna be cooking my *ss off from now on.  It means, likely, healthier meals…it also means more fiber cause we can’t afford all those cheap crakers and snacks anymore…organics are pricey.  I don’t mind paying for organic veggies and fruit, but I refuse to pay $4 for a box of crakers that my kiddo won’t like cause they don’t look like goldfish.  One of the things we can eat?  Fritos!  and he loves them…and so do I, yummy, although no tomatoes, so no more frito pies…at least for awhile (salycilate sensitivity)…I am missing ketchup…it is like it’s own food group in this house…newt seems to have forgotten about it for the most part. 

 Keeping to the guidelines this week has not happened because of newt’s fever and I am happy to report we have been giving him orange colored, bubblegum flavored ibuprofen and tylenol….so much for no artifical stuff!  HAAA.  oh well, watcha gonna do?  Start again next week when his fever subsides. 

Scratch cooking for this week?

bananna pancakes

chicken soup (including stock, no boullion for us)

white sandwich bread (which hubby said is the BEST he has ever had, or something like that…i was in white carb heaven at the time and was not paying that close of attention)

spreadable butter (this is sooo easy, just soften a stick of butter and blend it with 1/2 cup of canola oil, and voila, spreadable butter that tastes incredible…as long as you don’t buy your butter from Sam’s Club…they don’t make tasty butter)

next….black bean chowder and  cream soups (like cream of celery) 

off i go to the kitchen (not to cook, to finish of some of my cheesecake from the factory!!  yum!!)

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how’s it going?

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on August 20, 2008

well, roo is now 4 months old and rolling like a champ….he likes to roll onto his tummy, then complain, rather loudly, because his arm is caught. sometimes he just lays there with his arm pinned under his belly, grunting. he is just about the cutest thing ever….well, besides his big brother. roo is now 15.5 lbs and 25 inches long. he is right along the 50% for the growth charts. newt was always 90th for height and 10th for weight (can we say long and super skinny?) roo, on the other hand, still has lots of rolls, although he seems to have lost two of his chins, so that he now only has the one….awwww, i kinda miss it, but now at least breast milk doesn’t coagulate in between the rolls and irritate his skin. (ewwwww)

newt has been diagnosed as adhd…by me! i am putting him on the feingold diet…artificial color and artificial flavor free, preservative free and salacylate free. i ordered all the papers and should get them soon. it is a whole lifestlye, but not hard at all, i just have to remember to tell others what he can and can’t eat. hopefully this will calm the “crazies” as i like to call them; you know, the unbelievably loud screaming for fun, the laughing at the top of his lungs (just as roo is drifting off to sleep) the constant running, shaking of the legs and hands, clumsiness and so forth…yes, my friends, diet can do this and more to a small child. he is likely chemically sensitive. we have been feeding our bodies so much crap for so long, we don’t even know what is in our food anymore….did you know that artificial vanilla flavor, called vanillin, is made from paper pulp? yumm! and that all artificial colors are made from petroleum? yepper, the same stuff you use to make you car go “vroom vroom” is the stuff that colors your toothpaste, gummy bears and nyquil. yumm!!! it is disturbing how much i have let commercial food manufacturers lull me into thinking all this stuff is good for me! did you know that a food product that has bht, a preservative, can state it has antioxidants in it because the presevative doesn’t let the ingredients oxidize…..sneeky. what’s that saying… fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me….well, fool me thousands of times…..shame, shame, shame. we are sheep, it seems, when it comes to just about everything. baaaaaaa

some things i now make from scratch…(even before the feingold thing)
italian dressing
hamburger buns
ketchup (yup, and it’s pretty goood, just ask my son)
refried beans (that’s not a hard one)
cinnamon rolls, like cinnabon
alfredo sauce
enchilada sauce
french fries (yeah, you try getting fresh potatoes crispy!)
waffles, pancakes

i will be also trying out noodles, sourdough bread, yogurt, cream cheese (sort of) and maybe mayo, maybe not. it’s fun to cook like this, and i know exactly what is in what i am eating. it’s funny how easy most of this stuff is, too. ketchup is tomato paste, water, spices and sugar cooked for an hour! enchilada sauce is tomato sauce with chili powder and other spices cooked for a little bit. man, why haven’t i been doing this all along??? oh, yeah, i used to work!!! what do the kiddos do while i am kneading and such? newt naps or plays with play-do, and roo just does his baby thang…right now that is blowing spit bubbles and complaining when he wants attention, which newt loves to give him….

ahhhhh, motherhood is pretty cool.

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we went to a movie

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on June 19, 2008

and left after an hour…newt was more interested in playing with the boy in the seat in front of us than the movie “happy feet”…to much singing, by the way, i can see why he wasn’t paying much attention….very loud too, so it didn’t matter that he was talking, playing, jumping, dancing (cause the penguins were dancing) and generally being a boy. oh, it was a showing for kiddos…their were probably about 300 along with adults, the shows cost 1$ each so it was worth a shot.

we start swim lessons on monday. i know he is gonna throw a fit when we have to get out after 30 mins, so….pray for me not to loose my cool. he threw a major fit today cause i wouldn’t get him some oj….i ignored him and it only took 5 mins of very loud screaming for him to stop. what else can i do? i do get tired of popping him on the hind end.

funny things newt has recently said:

mommy, roo-roo bitting your booby? (no honey, he is sucking, that is how he gets his milk)

we no run errands, we drive to errands

i love this paddle mommy (awwww, that one is sad cause he likes the way it looks, not the way it feels)

i fly like superman (as he lays in bed and tries to get me to stay another min longer)

wipe my tears mommy (after he cries)

kiss my boo-boo here (as he swings his rear my way for me to kiss after i have popped him)

thank you mommy (as i wipe the poo-poo off his hiney, awwww)

we went to the ymca and i droped him off at child watch, along with roo. after i exercised for 45 mins i went to take him to the pool, without roo…well, he started crying loudly when i said we were going to the pool. i said what is wrong? he said, with a teary voice, mommy and newt go get roo then go pool!!!! he thought i was going to leave without roo!!! isn’t that soooo sweet !!! he is so attatched to roo, he didn’t want to leave without him! i gave him a biiiiig hug and showed him the pool was right their at the gym and that we wouldn’t leave without roo. then he was fine, although i did have to wipe his tears.

three year olds are lots of fun…they really are an adventure.

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having fun

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on June 10, 2008

newt is now all better. yeah! he had to have a procedure called a vcug where they put dye in his bladder, thru a cathetor, and have him pee to see if any urine is going back into his kidney’s…a sort of reflux. he did fine, although we did have to drug him up for the procedure…that was fun. hubby gave him 2 extra doses (he was still running around like a mad-man) and he finally relaxed enough to be calm and somewhat still…of course on the way home he passed out and slept for 1.5 hours. when he woke up, hubby remarked he had a hangover! it was funny, newt was acting a little strange, kinda like he had a hangover (not that i know what one of those feels like, heehee) i am taking roo in for his 2 month chekup on thurs…they are going to have to take more blood to check his thyroid levels to see if they have come up any…hopefully he doesn’t have a wonky thyroid that requires medication. we shall see…

well, the ymca is a hit…sort of. we went as a family on sunday. it was hot, and we put roo in the child watch program. we went outside to the waterpark area and i chased newt around for the next hour, while hubby just kinda sat in the water. he was hanging out and not really participating. i think he has a lot on his mind…as usual. hubby did end up chasing newt around for a bit too…he did do his part. it was funny, newt is sooo like me, it was about 95 or so degrees, but the sun kept getting coverd by clouds…well great, right? wrong…newt was shivering, physically and audibally cause the water in the pool was cold, very cold, and the sun wasn’t out long enough to make him hot enough to enjoy the water! my son is just like me! i am the only one i know who can get cold in 90 degree weather…and i have passed my dreaded trait onto my son! we went again today, this morning, and it was hot, but totally cloudy…we were in the pool for about 20 mins…i was cold and newt started shivering right away. he started asking for a snack, and then slid down the slide and got a small cut. that was it, he was crying and asking for “dr. daddy” to fix his boo-boo! so we got another snack, picked up roo and went home. he is currently passed out on the couch!

i think we will head to the library once the kiddos are up and fed. i need to re-check a book and get some new ones for newt. i plan on making french toast this afternoon too…a big batch that i can freeze for future meals! did i tell you that i am excited!! my next big want? a carpet shampooer or a new dyson vacuum. i have turned into a domestic goddess, without the spotless house part…i am working on that. i am thinking of sighning up for www.flylady.com. a program that slowly works you into a clean house that is clean all the time. it’s working for my friend, who has two small boys, and she says her house is “company ready” all the time. my house is never “company ready” although i have yet to make this a priority. now that i am home, i can spend more time taking care of the house and not let laundry get out of hand and such. slow and steady wins the race…even if the race is keeping your house clean!

hubby is working late again tonight. i actually exercised at the y! i am planning on exercising again tomorrow. i hope i can make this a habit…i have some really cute clothes that i would like to wear again! i only have around 12 pounds of baby weight left…not bad considering i gained 35 or so.

i guess that’s it! cheers…

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newt was sick…again!

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on June 5, 2008

so, the older boy child was running fever again. not to bad this go around as it seems to be gone after only a day and a half. hubby looked him over and declared it a viral infection. oh, well at least he saved us the 20$ copay! roo is fine thru all of this, and remains unfazed, as any 8 week old should.

we recently joined the ymca, and i am looking forward to having a place to go that doesn’t cost money, at least up front. staying home full-time has the drawback of getting bored. plus, it will be nice to have a place that offers classes like yoga and aerobics and spinning. i plan on enrolling newt in swimming lessons and t-ball. it will be so cute to see him in a baseball helmet, swinging and (probably) missing! i can’t wait! the season is 6 games long, so just long enough to see if he is interested enough to do another season next year. i think in the fall they have soccer and something else. hubby always said we should put him into soccer cause of all the running he naturally does in everyday life, haha!

we bought a freezer the other day, and i am sooo excited! i can’t wait to hit sam’s and buy up all of their discount meat! it is 3 years old and an upright to boot! it’s big, too. i can now fantasize about making loaves of bread without having to worry about a place to put them. i can also fantasize about my ice-cream selection…i think it will be growing, heehee.

so this morning, my dear son, newt, decided he wanted some cake ( i bought on the clearance rack at wally world). he drops the whole thing on the floor (we have eaten 2 small pieces, it is 1/8 sheet, so a pretty good size), pick up part of it, squish it in his hands, come into the living room and proudly show me his prize! well, he got a pop on the butt because the whole cake had to be thrown into the trash…and he had to watch me throw it in the trash. i really made me mad…he is not 1 or 2, he is 3! i know he knows what he did was not right, that we don’t throw food on the ground, then play with it! ugh. how do you explain waisted money to a child? i didn’t even understand money till i was in my teen and had a job. (my parents never gave me an allowance, they let me help my step-father at his job, painting or cleaning, so i could earn school clothes money. no, my parents did not automatically buy me new school clothes every year, so..if i didn’t work, i didn’t get new clothes…off my soap box)

the past 2 months have really flown by. it makes me sad to realize i havn’t taken a pic of roo in like two weeks! i think i took 20 pics of newt everyday for the first 2 years of his life! i exagerate, but not by much. the days pass by very quickly, and slowly, at the same time. hubby is working alot of extra shifts this month to make some extra money. the c-section bills are starting to rear their ugly heads…and we will have to pay them at some point!

i love nap time…it’s soooo quiet.


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newt was sick all week :(

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on May 25, 2008

well, newt had fever for 4 days…and after two doctors visits, it was thought that he had exodative strep throat, there was “white junk” on his tonsils, and his ENT now thinks he is a candidate for a tonsilectomy. hubby says this would be the year to do it since we already met the deductable for the year with roo. that doesn’t make us feel any better, but at least it won’t put us in the hole anymore than we already are! we shall see what the dr says in a few weeks. dr.’s kids have the worst luck. his very first, and only ear infection, turned into mastioditis, which is where the spongy bone behind your ear gets infected, which turned into surgery….3 c.t. scans, 6 iv’s, and two surgeries later, it was gone! that was a hell of a thing to go thru at the age of 18 months, but he did great! the gift of daycare….it just keeps on giving! ( and taking)


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