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how’s it going?

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on August 20, 2008

well, roo is now 4 months old and rolling like a champ….he likes to roll onto his tummy, then complain, rather loudly, because his arm is caught. sometimes he just lays there with his arm pinned under his belly, grunting. he is just about the cutest thing ever….well, besides his big brother. roo is now 15.5 lbs and 25 inches long. he is right along the 50% for the growth charts. newt was always 90th for height and 10th for weight (can we say long and super skinny?) roo, on the other hand, still has lots of rolls, although he seems to have lost two of his chins, so that he now only has the one….awwww, i kinda miss it, but now at least breast milk doesn’t coagulate in between the rolls and irritate his skin. (ewwwww)

newt has been diagnosed as adhd…by me! i am putting him on the feingold diet…artificial color and artificial flavor free, preservative free and salacylate free. i ordered all the papers and should get them soon. it is a whole lifestlye, but not hard at all, i just have to remember to tell others what he can and can’t eat. hopefully this will calm the “crazies” as i like to call them; you know, the unbelievably loud screaming for fun, the laughing at the top of his lungs (just as roo is drifting off to sleep) the constant running, shaking of the legs and hands, clumsiness and so forth…yes, my friends, diet can do this and more to a small child. he is likely chemically sensitive. we have been feeding our bodies so much crap for so long, we don’t even know what is in our food anymore….did you know that artificial vanilla flavor, called vanillin, is made from paper pulp? yumm! and that all artificial colors are made from petroleum? yepper, the same stuff you use to make you car go “vroom vroom” is the stuff that colors your toothpaste, gummy bears and nyquil. yumm!!! it is disturbing how much i have let commercial food manufacturers lull me into thinking all this stuff is good for me! did you know that a food product that has bht, a preservative, can state it has antioxidants in it because the presevative doesn’t let the ingredients oxidize…..sneeky. what’s that saying… fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me….well, fool me thousands of times…..shame, shame, shame. we are sheep, it seems, when it comes to just about everything. baaaaaaa

some things i now make from scratch…(even before the feingold thing)
italian dressing
hamburger buns
ketchup (yup, and it’s pretty goood, just ask my son)
refried beans (that’s not a hard one)
cinnamon rolls, like cinnabon
alfredo sauce
enchilada sauce
french fries (yeah, you try getting fresh potatoes crispy!)
waffles, pancakes

i will be also trying out noodles, sourdough bread, yogurt, cream cheese (sort of) and maybe mayo, maybe not. it’s fun to cook like this, and i know exactly what is in what i am eating. it’s funny how easy most of this stuff is, too. ketchup is tomato paste, water, spices and sugar cooked for an hour! enchilada sauce is tomato sauce with chili powder and other spices cooked for a little bit. man, why haven’t i been doing this all along??? oh, yeah, i used to work!!! what do the kiddos do while i am kneading and such? newt naps or plays with play-do, and roo just does his baby thang…right now that is blowing spit bubbles and complaining when he wants attention, which newt loves to give him….

ahhhhh, motherhood is pretty cool.

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how to lose 5 pounds in 1 day!!!

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on July 8, 2008

well, folks, i have the no fail way to lose a wopping 5 pounds in just one day!! it’s called a stomach bug, ewwwww. i’m sorry, no diet fads here. the fam and i went to a friends’ house on july 4 for some bbq and friendship. we got there and the husband said, i’m gonna be sick…went to the side of the yard and threw up. we stayed for about 1 1/2 hours, hubby was worried about him, and then we left and went to sis in laws instead. well, fast forward to saturday night and i tell hubby my tummy hurts, and he gives me the look, and i say, it’s nothing, i just ate to much…welll, about an hour later i was alternately hugging and sitting on the potty. ugh. around 230 in the morning, after i threw up the water i had drank, it finally stopped. and i just moaned and was miserable till hubby got up at 330 to get ready for work…needless to say, he called in sick. it took 4 phone calls to get someone to come in for him, by the way; can anyone say “team work” sorry to be so snarky, but he hasn’t called in sick in like 6 months, and i was just getting irritated cause he is the only one i can count on cause our families can’t be called in at the last minute to help(they live far away, have kids, and some of them can’t be trusted…sad but true). i wish we had more friends, but it just hasn’t happened for us. i am alone with the kids alot, and hubby is at work alot and we just don’t get out, ever!

ok, pitty party is over….i promise!!!

roo is now 15 pounds…well at least last week he was, he is probably more now. i don’t just make milk, i make half-n-half. this boy is nothing but rolls. he will be 3 months old in 3 days, and we are fitting into 9 month old clothes. poor newt was barely 20 pounds at 1 yr old! he was breastfed too….every baby is different, that’s for sure!!!

it has been raining here almost everyday. my bell peppers have been eaten alive, and have now made more babies (the other babies got eaten) and i bought pesticide to try to save the new ones, and also my lettuce. next year we may put a screen over them, but that may not help. i need to learn more about beneficial pests and planting things together that help keep the bugs away…like apparently marigolds by tomatoes keep bugs away! (i happen to catch that one from the paula deen cooking show..not sure why, but that nugget of info has stuck with me for more that a year)

well, back to cruising the internet and waisting my 3 yr old’s nap time!! i will be making tortillas and starting some curtains during this time, so not all is waisted, heehee!


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roo is 6 weeks old!!

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on May 25, 2008

and he is very cute!! of course, i am somewhat biased, heehee. he is growing and growing…he has already changed so much. when we brought him home, he was a stick, now it looks like he has rubber bands on his wrists from all the fat he has put on!! case in point…at birth he was 6lbs, 5oz; at 2 week check up he is 6lbs 14 oz; at 4 week checkup he is 9lbs and 10oz and 20 1/4 inches!! that boy of mine put on 3 lbs in 2 wks!! i guess breastfeeding every 2hrs (or less) works! he is rolly polly. newt was so the opposite. he weighed less than my cat for most of his first year of life…of course, if you knew my cat….we weighed him again at home and it looks like another pound…so at 6 weeks he is approximately 11 pounds, wow! here is a pic of him, double chin and all!!

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