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Mother-in-law update

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on October 22, 2008

My mother in law is doing great…already bitchin up a storm about her daughter who lives with her!  She had colon cancer, and silly me, I didn’t realize they were taking out her entire colon AND rectum, even though her tumore had dissapeared.  I didn’t know that!  When you have cancer you get the offending body part removed…I understand that, but I guess I just didn’t put two and two together…no matter what she was going to get a colostomy bag and her colon removed, it was just a matter of time.  She has already had breast cancer and beaten it, and now apparently colon cancer.  The tumor, by the way, “melted” from sight.  Her surgeon told my hubby that there was just a small scar where it used to be.  Praise the Lord because it is only because of His grace that she survived this!!  Now comes the biopsy.  They also took out some lymph nodes and will biopsy those to see if the cancer spread there.  Hopefully not.

She has been through alot and it would be nice for her to be healthy again.

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