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Christmas 2&3

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on January 6, 2009

Christmas with my mom and step-dad wasn’t so bad this year.  It was a little boring, but we got thru it!  My husband even said it wasn’t so bad, which is BIG for him.  No, my mom didn’t apologize for hanging up on me…didn’t even mention that it happened. 

Christmas at home was much better.  Newt, who is 3 years and 8 months (when did THAT happen?) loved his presents and played with them immediately!  Yay!!  Just what I wanted.  We opened a new train set, it spirals up and he immediately wanted to set it up and play with it…the other presents were forgotten.  Until I told him to open something else!  He got a wooden train set, a marble run, a 3 pack of trains, and a bubble maker for the bath tub.  He loved it and wanted more presents, of course. 

Hubby’s mom and sister came over for a few hours and it was mostly uneventful.  We did get more gift cards, though!!!  My favorite!!  I have already used them to buy groceries and a gift for someone else…that’s is why I don’t like them….off my soapbox NOW!! 

anyway…that’s it!


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Christmas: the first of three

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on December 23, 2008

well, we will have 3 Christmas celebrations this year, as we have multiple family members that don’t/won’t get along and so we have to spend time with them all, separatly….oiy

we spent a ton of money on presents this year mostly because hubby worked a LOT of extra night clinic so we could have more cash to spend for gifts and stuff…he is a very generous guy and i think after so many years of being cash strapped from school and stuff, he really is ready to spend and give and have some fun.  he is even taking his father to the cotton bowl game on jan 2, the first ever for either and they are both very excited!  i am happy for him.

so, my point of this post is….why did i mentally add up how much they spent against what we spent?  because i am selfish and a brat.  that pretty much sums it up.  hubby did it too.  we both spent hours shopping, happily, looking for things to buy them.  i went by myself with the two littles at 8:30 am to bed, bath, and beyond to get a few more things, and then to toy r us….they did great, we didn’t fight large crowds and no tears from newt cause he didn’t get a toy…although i did buy him some new play-doh so he could mix them together(his latest addiction). 

i am almost always disapointed by christmas gifts because they are always so thoughtlessly given.  we got a gift card, a gift card, and a gift card.  we didn’t even get to open anything  (i lied, i got to open one present, some placemats from another in-law).  we DO NOT like gift cards.  our niece and nephew didn’t even say thank you for the nintendo ds games, pixos, and magnetix toys we got them….they opened, tossed aside and opened the next….didn’t even really smile or say wow…of course they liked the ds games….so do the parents, by the way….when they play them they are quiet and the parents get free time (that is a separate issue that i have with parents not really parenting). 

hubby and i think said children are brats, spoiled at that.  they have lots of everything and very few limits. 

we need to agree on what we want for our two boys.  how do we do that? 

anyway, that is off topic.   back to the subject at hand.  i did a mental count and we outspent them 3 to 1 and we recieved no joy from it.  because the children went thru the presents so fast, i couldn’t enjoy them looking at them, parents the same.  everyone pretty much opened at the same time, except us cause we didn’t get presents, we got cards, ugh. 

like i said, i’m being selfish.  i wanted to get some joy from watching them…and i got none. 

why do we celebrate this way?  why is christmas so joyless?  why?  hmmmmmm….

now, when we have our own family christmas opening it will be much better cause our 3 yr old will get all the presents and have time to look at them and play with the toys before rushing to the next one. 

when did christmans become so unfun?  i mean, it’s like the more the better.  let’s just open open open and not appreciate or be thankful for what we just recieved.  well, the parents teach them this by buying them to many things.  this is something hubby and i have talked about.  since he is a doc, it will be very easy for us to go overboard, but we will not because we don’t want this for our boys….not at all….i see it all the time…brats everywhere….unappreciative…unthankful….expecting more and more each year….more and more…where does it end?????  does it end???

this is when i say i, again, want to check out from society and move to the country and forget tv because i am t.i.r.e.d. of it all.  tired of seeing the demise of our families on tv and in the church.  tired.  so tired. 

they already have valentines crap out!  can you imagine?  ridiculous….preposterous…..ugh. 

(i have other issues with valentines too, by the way…)

so, here i am asking myself, why did i do a mental tally of money spent?  why do we give presents if there is no joy to be gotten from it? why do we give presents at all?  who started that?  oh, yeah, like most everything  we do at christmas time, it started with the pagans, yeah!  I bet God really likes that, huh? 

i’m starting to question lots of things, and this is good because i will grow from it, but it is also bad because it will likely cause some tension in the family if/when i push the issue….hubby likes to ignore most of these things…i will have to take it slowly with him if i want to change the way our family celebrates (which i do). 

now, tommorow, christmas part 2 with my mom and step dad….yeah (she says with sarcasm in her voice cause her mom humg up on her a week ago when she couldn’t go to mom’s house on mom’s schedule and mom got mad and hung up…)

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Two people I will never borrow from again

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 10, 2008

Or….at least it is highly likely I will never borrow from again.  The first is my mom, the second is my sister in law.  Let me explain…

My sis-in-law left a message on my phone the other day asking for the bassinet and the breast pump.  A friend of hers is pregnant with twins and she wants it back.  If I’m done with them, of course.  Sure.  This is the second time in 5 months she has asked for these two things back.  I am irritated because when she told me about said items she didn’t want/need, she said I could have them.  I specifically remember her saying (actually, she texted me) that I could HAVE them.  Doesn’t that imply I am the new owner???  I mean, I appreciate her letting me use them, but…since I figured they were mine, I didn’t think there was a time limit to their ownership.  I figured when I was sure I wasn’t having anymore babies, I would donate them to a shelter or something like that.  Anyway.  So now, she can have the darn things…I will buy my own breast pump if I need to and be done with it.

The second person, and this is sad really, is my mom.  She is the absolute worst when it comes to using her things.  Now, in her defense, I know it is not really her fault.  Her parents moved over twenty times during her youth, and packed her stuff for her…and got rid of anything they deemed useless for her without so much as an explanation.  She would come home from school, the house would be packed, and her whole family would move.  Just like that.  Now, that being said, she is very possesive of her stuff.  Even things she doesn’t like all that much.  For example, I borrowed her copy of “Ratatouille” movie.  I hadn’t seen it and wanted to, she said, here, use mine, I didn’t like it at all (tone of voice was like I won’t like it either).  As I was leaving, she said “now be sure and give that back to me, I want it”.  WHAT!!!  You don’t even like the darn movie, yet you want it back???  huh???  I have two small children who will watch it, you don’t like it, but I have to give it back….ugh.   I sent it back to her priority mail (she lives an hour away, a two hour round trip, so mailing it was cheaper than driving it to her) and have since bought my own copy. 

So, to all you would be lenders out there, don’t lend things if you are gonna be ugly about getting them back.  Tell the person when you want said item back and then ask for it if you don’t get it. 

Vent over!!  Putting soapbox away…at least for now!

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