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Hurricane Ike update

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 13, 2008

Galveston Island just lost all power. 

People are on their roof tops in Crystal Beach awaiting rescue. 

This makes me madder than anything…our rescue workers, firefighters and police are putting their lives on the line for these others who wanted to “ride it out” and now realize that they are in serious trouble.  I am very sad and will pray hard for these brave heroes who have left their own families behind to save others. 

Let’s all pray. 

It is totally dark outside, the wind is blowing harder and harder.  We still have satellite, a minor miracle, so we are able to watch the news and get updates.  It will be a long night…I don’t think either one of us will get much sleep. 

My mom and step dad have borded up their windows in Pearland…they have never done this before…she says the whole street borded up their windows.  Another thing I havn’t seen before.  I have been here since Hurricane Alicia hit in 83…as a matter of fact, we had just moved here about 2 weeks before it hit..some welcome mat! ha!  Anyway, I digress…the neighbors are in their garage having a party of sorts…our in-laws grilled steaks before the power goes out…some of our friends went to way higher ground, and some of our family too….

I just hope we don’t get a tornado.


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“Stupid is as stupid does”….

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 12, 2008

Or, when there is a catagory 2 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico…you ride it out because “you are in a stable home”.  It absolutely astounds me how absolutely moronic some people are.  I live just outside of Houston and have been watching the coverage all day long, well since yesterday morning really, and there are loads of people who have not left Galveston Island…and now, as of 3 pm, they can’t.  The roads are covered in water, whole neighborhoods are flooded out, and people are staying home!  I can’t believe it!  What are these folks thinking?  One guy on the phone said they didn’t get to the ferry before it shut down.  The ferry shut down at 11 pm on thurs night…when were they planning on leaving?  Did they not know there was a gigantic storm in the gulf???  This guy also lives on the beach!  What!!  These are the people who will call 9-1-1 looking for a rescue.  At 9pm tonight, no one will be there to answer 9-1-1.  That is some serious stuff.  The news thinks around 40% of the island residents stayed.  So sad…I just hope the children don’t get killed because of their parents’ stupidity.  I would never risk my child’s life like that…I just can’t understand it.  I realize you may not have alot of money for a motel or food, but there are shelters and you should be able to get to one of them. 

Anyway…I am sure there will be lots more of this to come.  The seas are almost to the seawall, which is about 10 ft tall or so, and we havn’t even gotten any rain yet!  That is crazy!  Of course, the reporters are cracking me up because they are practically in the ocean reporting what’s going on.  Here in north Houston, we are mostly worried about downed trees.  We will be having our boys sleep downstairs in our room tonight…just in case.  Our power lines are buried, but we will likely loose power…oh, well…not much we can do about that.  We aren’t leaving cause we are very unlikely to flood, and hubby may be called into the hospital for backup…ya never know.

I went to my local Wal-Mart Supercenter…they were out of bread and almost out of water, peanut butter, and low on milk.  Kroger in the middle of town by one of the news stations was out of damn near everything….milk, bread, tuna, soup, etc.  You have never seen anything as odd as an empty grocery store.  I mean, people are buying enough food to last them till the second coming of Christ!  I’m serious!  It’s pretty funny.  Batteries, phones, boom-boxes, and candles were very low too.  Wow!  Lots of things are closed today, and will be closing at 6.  My local gas station has run out of gas….We have had 3 full days of notice that a storm was comming this way, but we all procrastinated..me included.  I should’ve gotten water and extra batteries a month ago.  Oh, well….

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