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Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on October 15, 2008

well, roo roo is now 6 monts old and i am happy to say he likes rice cereal…i am one of those weirdos who doesn’t give their babies’ any solids until the age of six months…and boy was he ready!!  he grabbed the spoon, ate the cereal and eagerly awaited his next bite… the next night i added in some formula for some sweetness and a little more cereal and he ate all of it and would’ve eaten more if i had it…he then had a full nursing session about an hour or so later…they boy can eat…i expect to see those much missed neck rolls again soon. 

i have decided to try out cloth diapers, and i am going to make them myself!  hah!!  hubby thinks i am nuts and wonders why i don’t just buy some more dipes….it’s a funny thing but i feel like God has been talking to me about some stuff….awhile back, like 3-4 months ago i get this feeling like i just want to check out of society.  i mean like i am tired of watching tv (we mainly watch the news and cartoons).  i dunno really, i got the feeling like life would be so much better if i didn’t have to go out into society and “the world” and all that….i know it sounds like i am outta my tree on this.  i guess i am tired of the way the world is lately.  lots of commercialism.  lots of buy-ism.  lots of “you gotta do/have/buy this to be happy.  i have been longing for a simpler life for several months now…i told hubby that we should buy some land and wouldn’t it be cool to have a small farm and some chickens and some fruit trees?  he said that would be a lot of work.  ugh (as he goes to surf the internet for a “new” suv gas guzzler, lol)  i dunno,  i have been reading lots of bible prophecy stuff and it would be nice to know that i could take care of my family if the “grid” went down, or something like that.  right now all i can do, since i live in suburbia, is start with cloth dipes and wipes….oh, and way less tv…which is driving newt crazy since he looooooves cartoons.  i usually give in because i don’t know what else to do with him, but i know that if i stopped the tv watching he would get better at playing by himself.

the hurricane damaged our roof and fence…just over 3 grand in repairs…how much is our deductable you ask??? 3 grand…oh yeah!  where is this money going to come from???  why hubby is gonna work lots of night clinic so we can fix and repair…great, more time alone with out husband…i love residency and being some 180 thousand in debt…it’s great!…only 8 1/2 more months to go…

my mom-in-law is having part of her colon removed this morn…cancer.  i prayed that it would be gone and that her surgeons would have steady hands (hopefully they won’t leave any tools or towels in her either…to many discovery health specials on that subject!)

made some tortillas with coconut oil last night and they are great.  coconut oil is a fabulous substitute for shortening.  it is naturally solid at room temperature, which means in here in texas it is mostly semi-solid.  i works great in biscuits too.  i can report no coconut flavor, at least in the louanna brand from wally-world.  i have been using an organic kind on my face at night as moisturizer for ummmm….10 months or longer and it is great and cheap.  no breakouts from having pure oil on my face and it absorbs rather quickly too.  it’s pretty cheap considering an 8$ jar has lasted me this long and i have at least another 6 months of oil to go.  i have been using way less make-up too.  i dunno if this is part of that “tired of consuming” attitude i have had for awhile now, but it is so nice to not worry about it.  i do wear some for church, and occasionally for dr’s apt’s and such…but for the most part i have naked face. 

sooo, with that, i am gonna be printing lots and lots today to get ready for stuff…what that is i dunno yet.  i will post something on that later. 

until then, take care, and keep some cash on hand! (and some food for that matter)

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Feingold is pixen me off!!

Posted by justanotherstayathomemom on September 3, 2008

I’m not all that mad that I can’t eat apples anymore, or tomatoes, or grapes, or….(the list goes on), what I am pissed about is that we have been duped for many years by the powers that be…better known as food manufacturers.  We think because something says “antioxidant” means that it is healthier for us, right?  well, my friends, not!  Preservatives are considered antioxidants…nice, huh, because the food doesn’t oxidize..sneaky sneaky.  Also, no preservatives added only means they didn’t add any in.  So what?  That means the ingredients used can have preservatives but they don’t have to be listed in the label.  WOW, so…have you had your serving of BHT today?  Sad thing is, I have gone thru two pregnancies eating this crap!  ugh.   Ignorance is bliss. 

So, what does this mean for us as a family?  Well, it means I am gonna be cooking my *ss off from now on.  It means, likely, healthier meals…it also means more fiber cause we can’t afford all those cheap crakers and snacks anymore…organics are pricey.  I don’t mind paying for organic veggies and fruit, but I refuse to pay $4 for a box of crakers that my kiddo won’t like cause they don’t look like goldfish.  One of the things we can eat?  Fritos!  and he loves them…and so do I, yummy, although no tomatoes, so no more frito pies…at least for awhile (salycilate sensitivity)…I am missing ketchup…it is like it’s own food group in this house…newt seems to have forgotten about it for the most part. 

 Keeping to the guidelines this week has not happened because of newt’s fever and I am happy to report we have been giving him orange colored, bubblegum flavored ibuprofen and tylenol….so much for no artifical stuff!  HAAA.  oh well, watcha gonna do?  Start again next week when his fever subsides. 

Scratch cooking for this week?

bananna pancakes

chicken soup (including stock, no boullion for us)

white sandwich bread (which hubby said is the BEST he has ever had, or something like that…i was in white carb heaven at the time and was not paying that close of attention)

spreadable butter (this is sooo easy, just soften a stick of butter and blend it with 1/2 cup of canola oil, and voila, spreadable butter that tastes incredible…as long as you don’t buy your butter from Sam’s Club…they don’t make tasty butter)

next….black bean chowder and  cream soups (like cream of celery) 

off i go to the kitchen (not to cook, to finish of some of my cheesecake from the factory!!  yum!!)

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